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Ottawa County Municipal Court Releases Annual Report for 2003

The Clerk of the Ottawa County Municipal Court, has completed the 2003 year-end Court report. “Gross receipts for this past year were more than $1.7 million. The Court administered 11,595 new cases, ” Szilagyi stated. “In accordance with Ohio law these funds are disbursed to various departments and law enforcement agencies at the local, county and state levels. Of the funds collected, $703,900 was paid to the Ottawa County General Fund. An additional $843,000 was disbursed locally and throughout the state offsetting expenses or those agencies and departments — further saving taxpayers’ dollars. This figure also includes approximately $56,000 to the Ohio Victim(s) of Crime Fund. As in the past, the Municipal Court has collected and disbursed more monies than the actual cost to operate the Court.” Szilagyi continued.

“Of the newly filed cases, 7,362 were traffic, 2,312 were criminal, 1,921 were civil, small claims matters, garnishments and bank aids.”

Judge Frederick C. (“Fritz”) Hany II, stated, “The number of cases and gross receipts reflects a busy “people’s court. This year the court resolved 11,386 cases. Also, approximately 300 mediation cases have resolved since June 2003.” Hany continued, “We are fortunate to have a well trained and experienced staff to effectively and timely administer the cases that are filed in the court.” The Court handles traffic and criminal misdemeanors committed within the limits of Ottawa County as well as felony cases to determine whether probable cause exists to bind an accused over to the Court of Common Pleas. The Court also hears civil cases such as contract, personal injury, sale of personal property, landlord-tenant matters, garnishments and attachment proceedings.

In July of 2003, the Ohio Legislature lowered the legal limit for operating a vehicle under the influence from 0.10 to 0.08 with the intention of addressing more seriously, the dangers posed by impaired drivers on Ohio’s roads. As a result of this change in the law, newly filed DUI offenses increased sharply in 2003 to 478 up from 325 in 2002.

“This increase in DUI offenses is a direct result of the public being more keenly aware of the inherent dangers of driving under the influence coupled with a well trained and experienced law enforcement community, ” stated Judge Hany. “The new DUI law (January 2004) will require all DUI offenders with occupational driving privileges to place on their vehicle a special license plate with red letters on a yellow background. While, these “scarlet letter” license plates have been a sentencing option for judges for several years, they have not been routinely used in the past. This changes with the new law.”

Judge Hany remarked that the Court’s Probation Department conducted 196 pre-sentence investigations and supervised 46 persons placed on active probation. The Probation Department also directed approximately 8,000 hours of community service. An additional $21,083 was collected from offenders and paid directly to local victims and victim support programs in the form of restitution. In addition, the Probation Department administers the Court security, diversion program, and, along with the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department work release program.

Among the many programs benefitting the citizens of the Ottawa County, the Court offers a Mediation Program which is free to the citizens. An impartial court appointed Mediator assists the participants in reaching an amicable resolution of their disagreement, and facilitates an “out-of-court” settlement. In 2003, there were 508 mediation requests filed. Of the cases that have gone through mediation since June of 2003, 96% have been satisfactorily mediated and resolved with the remaining 4% pending further discussions between the parties. As always, the night court session is available to the working citizens of the county.

The pilot video arraignment program completed its second full year of operation. With this computer video connection to the jail, we successfully conducted 99 hearings saving taxpayers’ dollars and police agencies’ time by not having these prisoners transported to the courtroom.

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