Probation Department

(419) 734-6299

The Probation Department administers the Court's security program, diversion program, work release program, community service work program and the pre-sentence investigation program.

To Qualify for House Arrest
Defendants must have fines and costs paid in full to qualify. House Arrest is contracted through an outside agency.

To Qualify for Interlock:
Defendant’s must provide a copy of their insurance, registration, and complete the application for Interlock for processing. Please allow seven to ten business days to process.

To qualify for Work Release:
Defendants must submit: Most recent pay stub, letter on your employer’s letterhead verifying your employment, rate of pay, and your schedule for the first week that you are reporting to Jail.
12 hours is the maximum time allowed out of the jail per day. Six days is the maximum days in a row you can be out. 20% to 25% of your gross pay is paid in advance directly to the Jail.

Court Ordered Programs:
If you are in a court ordered program, the Court will ask for a written verification of your progress once a month for compliance.